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Friday, February 10, 2012

First Game using V3

Chris and I tried out V3 last night. We each used 650 point lists his Free Polish infantry against my Free French Senegalese.  Each of us brought a sniper as we wanted to try the new sniper rules.
I'm not going to do a full write up of the battle as this time as I do not have pictures.  I do want to make some observations about V3 things I think are improvements.

Index:  This is a vastly improved! Chris and I were able to look up most items we had question on without any difficulty.  Had this been the only improvement I would have been thrilled but there were many others.

Gone To Ground Gun Saves:  This came up a number of times during the game as Chris' sniper tried to take out my guns. (Gone to Ground Guns now save on a 3+)

Snipers: With the ability for them to relocate and escape if enemy teams come too close make them much more useful. I think the type of board and opponent is going to be a deciding factor here but in the urban battle Chris and I played they were quite useful (Chris got especially good mileage out of his)

Assaults: Much clearer and cleaner all around and I got creamed in both assaults that happened in our game! 

Movement:  The increased movement.  My recon trucks could go 18" on the cities streets.  This gave me the luxury of keeping them back as a mobile reserve knowing I could get were I need to go in one turn with out moving at the double.   This is a two edged sword since often you foe will be able to get to a target faster than you may be used to.

Over all there are many more charts and illustration that make the intent of the rules much clearer than they ever were in V2 of Flames of War.

the battle report will be posted some time this weekend