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Friday, February 3, 2012

Surrounded Legion Estrangers Vs. Fallschirmjagers

Made my weekly trek to Adler hobby I have something very odd to report.  This may be the first two week period where Chris and I have not played a game!

My opponent last night was Don Piro who swooped in last week and won the Best scenic bases award for the League (Congrats Don).  I was faced with is beautifully painted Fallschirmjagers.  Our randomly rolled mission was Surrounded (a new V3 scenario) I got to be defender and placed my Legionnaires and supports in a rectangle at the center of the board.

I had 2 platoons of regular infantry, 1 platoon of Sappers, a cavalry recon force, 3 H39 tanks, a battery of 81mm mortar (plus two more with the HQ) and two platoon of AT guns (one of the 25mm AT guns were HE only so useless against Don's all infantry force (I am very happy that V3 will let me treat these as 3 rifle teams so at least they can defend them selves).

Don's Army consisted of two platoons of Fallschirmjagers each with to HMGs attached, a platoon of 75mm Recoiless guns, two Pak 36 AT guns, a platoons 8cm Mortars (yes AJ they are 81 mm mortar, sorry people inside joke), he cleverly split these by Kampgrouping two with is 2ic. Don also had a beautifully painted battery of 75mm guns.

I had to set up first and being in the middle I had to have my force ready to face either side. The big issue was my French 75s.  Unlike the "Roast Beefs" my guns only get one turn table (it cost the same price as their 4, WTF) in this case I placed two facing each direction as "quick fire" gives means I do not have to re-roll hits with a two gun bombardment. I figured I would have plenty of direct fire targets.

Don loaded his troops to one side.  A good plan as it 1. gave him a chance to concentrated his forces against one objective and 2) forced most of my men to get out of their holes or face over whelming local superiority.

Don and I both used smoke through out the game to good effect blinding at least part of each others artillery.

Don went strait at my objective in the "North East" corner and I sent my Cavalry Recon and H39s running in as flank support. My limited armor got a few kills and then died to close assaults (the Cavalry recon had all three units bailed at once OUCH!).  I lost two platoons of armor for three infantry and one gun stand but I also delayed Don's assault on the infantry defending the objective so I considered it a good trade at the time. (latter could have really used the armor!)

Don's First Assault was turned back by well aimed rifle/mg fire from my 1st Platoon. I popped my Ambush a Free French 47mm AT platoon (French 47s acting as proxies for captured Italian guns) these and more small arms fire took out a few more of Dons men.

Don's next assault was also bloodily repulsed after hand to hand fighting. that cost me a gun and an infantry stand.  At this point the battle sort of turned into Ground Hog day... Smoke Bombardment, bloody assaults with heavy casualties on both sides.  Then a Stand off as my Sappers and tried to get in to position to kill Don's lone remaining recoiless gun and its command team.

Finally I was able to kill this platoon and due to Don's earlier loss of his Co he he failed his company motivation... but before I could be declared winner I also had to pass motivation. Which I did for the win...

Great Game Don really enjoyed it!