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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Compagnie de Tirailleurs Sénégalais

I have been working on this project in the back ground for a while now. Here we have two platoon so Tiralleurs Senegalais that will lead Raiding army.  I found research on this force difficult but I ultimately used a mix of English and French troops those in English uniforms tend to be painted as Europeans those in French (excepting officers) tend to painted as Africans.  This seems to fit what I do know of Le Clerk's pactchwork French Army. 

The Combat Recon or Découverte de Combat forcres were an important part of Le Clerk's army.  These troops were based on the British LRDG and used many of the same vehicles.  I have also assumed they used the same paint jobs. This was based off a camo scheme I found on line.  The Horizon Blue base color seams particularly French so I went with it.

I added some French motorcycle troops and others items form my bits box.  I also scratch built a the Mortar portee option the french can add there their platoons.  I look forward to having these guys race around the table table st some point.

Hopefuly I can finish the rest so this can quallify as my seccond army for the league.