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Monday, February 13, 2012

First V3 Battle (the Battle)

Chris and I decided to let the dice pick our table and we got the middle urban table and no that awesome railroad Gun was not active!  Chris has a force of Polish infantry(two large Platoon) with a Mortar platoon and Cavalry Recon squad.  My force was the Senegalese force I have been working on with Two infantry platoons (seven stands each) a small mortar platoon (two mortars and no observers ) a Free French AT Platoon (three 47mm Italian AT guns) and a Combat Recon force of six armed trucks including a 60mm mortar Portee.

Chris opted for a night attack (we figured out latter that this was not a legal choice since free for all is a meeting engagement) and used his spear point move to run is troops up on me fast.  His Mortars dug on the first turn then realized that they were out of range effectively removing them form the battle. Chris's sniper also took out on of my mortars after they failed to dig them selves in.

My own sniper failed to kill any one but he did hold up Chris' advance on the left as he occupied a factory building.  Again we were wrong by the rules.  Chris should have been able to move into the lower level as by the rules that would be a "separate building" alternatively as it was a factory we could have used those rule that say factories are essentially a more or less open space with 4 wall around them.  Either way my infantry failed to take advantage by digging though my AT guns did and were saved by the gone to ground gun save the next turn (digging in no longer removed cover and gone to ground, hooray!)

I did manage to get my platoon on the right into a set of strategic buildings but I was not able to hold them long.  Chris pinned me with sniper fire then assaulted and my pitiful defensive fire did not get the necessary 5 hits. My men failed to counter attack (and most were dead anyway) so the French colonial troops abilities in close combat did not come into play.  I had two stands surviving of the original seven but they did stay (one was the VB, grenade launcher team).  I Rushed my combat recon and snipe, direct mortar fire and grenades were taking their toll but my inability to roll saves got most of my combat recon force killed.

On the left my other infantry platoon was unable to make headway on Chris's troops in the factory and after a failed assault with heavy casualties it was time to order the survives off the field.