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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Free French Speed Bump

Chris and I got to try out our 2nd escalation league armies. Chris had an Italian Carri company my motorcycle infantry and artillery in support.

I had Senegalese du Chad with 4 platoons of motorized infantry some light guns and a load of recon trucks and armored cars. We did the hasty attack and since I was defender half my men were off the board you can see my deployment to the left.

Things started off fairly well with one of Chris' Motorcycle platoons running up to range of one of two of my HMGS. Chris said he didn't see them and took some devastating hits reducing his platoon to 3 leaderless stands. Chris has always been quick to adjust to set backs and he quickly launched an attack on the other flank using his tanks with motorcycle support to right hook me and set himself up for a very successful assault. His tanks assaulted my front while the motorcycles moved in behind me. While his tanks were not terribly successful I failed the moral roll and caught between the two fires I lost most of that platoon. My luck with reserve rolls was bad and Chris wiped out most of the combat recon platoon that did show up with well aimed artillery. (and bad saves on my part). I did shoot down both of Chirs' Falcos when they showed up.