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Thursday, February 23, 2012

1500 Points of Tiralleures Senegalais

 Command and 4 Platoons of Infantry 655 Points

 Two Decouvert de Combat Platoons  with 60mm Motar SP, adn breda 20mm SP and full Hull MG options 400 points
Tiralleurs Combat Car Platoon 70 Points
 Free French AT gun Platoon 95 Points
 Tirailleurs Artilery Platoon 50 points
Not pictured (yet!) are Tirailleurs MG Platoon 115 points; Trailleurs Mortar platoon 60 at Traillierus AA Platoon with 2 Breda 20 MM SPs 55 Points (with two more on order). 1500 points in total and this is without using the interdiction slot for free points with out models!

Trucks oh so many trucks for transport far more than are shown here! Full picture of everything together will be add I promise.

 Two Objectives Required to complete the army