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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Armies on Parade

1500 Points for Free French Senegalese Du Chad

Captured Italian AA Guns with dismounted option

Combat Reconnaissance with Dismounted Rifle MG teams

That is a lot of trucks...

More trucks I am especially pleased with these Italian 6 ton trucks. OK they are big for the job of hauling two mountain guns but the force need extra supplies!

Side by side 1500 points of French and 1750 of Germans

One of Chris' three Italian Falco fighters.  Looks awesome but was easily driven off by my AAA
For the up coming late war 'Red and Grey' league Eric did these IS-2 Joe Stalin tanks.  The look great and I cannot wait to see them on the board.  Gordon advised Eric on painting these the did a base green prime then applied painters tape and sprayed very lightly with white primer.  The results are awesome.