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Monday, February 6, 2012

An anoucement form Adler hobby



We start a fresh new late war league with a focus on the New FOW books Gray Wolf And Red Bear but any late war army is welcomed.
The theme of the battles and gaming tables will be eastern front!
A escalating format will begin and follow thru into big "total war" multi-player games on larger tables. The three levels of play are geared towards both the beginner and veteran players allowing you to play in any level at anytime.

Level One: 1000 points w/HQ One Combat platoon on 4x6 table
Level Two: 1500 with HQ and Two Combat Platoons on 4x6 table
Level Three: 2000 point Total war games on a 6x6 table (6x9 is also available)

Total War games are a minimum of two players per side up to 4000 points per side on a 6x6-sized table. Players are allowed to take two companies with each one having the minimum reg. of one HQ & 2 Combat Platoons but may use the "Total War Rules" for moral, which allows "support options" to not be included in company moral checks leaving you in the game for more action and/or to lend out to newbies!

ATTENTION NEWBES: These big games are a great format for players who dont have a army or theirs isn’t finished yet as we are encouraging those folks to come by and join in the games take control of a unit or two and join in the battles & fun.

Games are Played Thursdays till 11pm and on the Second & Last Sat of each month from 1pm till????
This league will also have "Achievement's in gaming" fun awards for gaming and modeling in the form of prize support & trophies.
We will be learning Version 3 rules for this so please come by and learn with us!
Signing up is simple send a email or call Adler Hobby
(We have four players already) so JOIN NOW!

Adler Hobby LLC
(603) 465 7072