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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

24 Hour game day -Frostgrave

This report is long over due.  Its the final game form game day Frostgrave Played on Mike John's excellent board.  Apologies if my memory is fuzzy. 
My wizard "Gandalf"  (a Thaumaturge) enters the frozen city where fires from previous battles still range.  Gandalf sticks to the street.
While his apprenticee Jehane enters the broken citadel .
William's Kobolds flank me and snipe at my troops all game they score a few minor hits but I am lucky.
Maxine and her mouslings aren't so lucky attracting the attention of a ghoul.
Mike has his archer on high ground snipping the at every thing in sight (mostly me)
We have treasure and a pair of giant rats..
Maxine takes Down her undead foe.
He doesn't stay in the box long as Will causes another one to spawn.
Will has is solders coming to get me...
Between telekinesis and good movement I have several tokens in my control or nearly so
Then I go for one too many and a Frost Giant springs up
All sides are fall back its just to dangerous to extend to far in to the center with archer and elementalists holding the high ground.
My archers shoot and...
I had a very successful game as you can see 5 tokens retrieved.   I called it a night at this point and headed home.  We were all getting a little punchy and had a hard time staying focused on the game.  I was perhaps a little crabby too and not as patient as I normally try to be if so I hope my fellow players will understand and accept my apologies if any are needed.

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