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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Honors of War: Meeting engament

Last Thursday Frank and met up for a game of Honors of War.  I ran the Grand Duchy of D'Argent and Frank had the Draconian Empire two Imagi-Nations.  We did a meeting where we both had two brigades arriving via one or more of the two roads we each wrote down where and when they were arriving numbering the roads 1 to 4 going clock wise around the table. The main road on the center was not eligible.  I chose to deploy in line while Frank is mostly in column.  Both sides wish to take and hold the center cross road.
My two cavalry brigades are of board leaving me with only my light cavalry who are under a dithering commander.  I also have an independent Cavalry unit the Cheveliers D'Argent.
Frank has a poor command roll for his cavalry but most of his men are stepping off nicely the New regiment Von Sheppard is leading the way with other Darconian units while their excellent artillery take the high ground.
Frank is pushing a head faster with his column but my own movement is going pretty well.
Then Franks light infantry come marching down form the flank my light cavalry try advancing against them but they are unable to catch them in column.  His light cavalry attempt to arrive by the opposite table but fail their command roll.
Franks artillery draws first blood hitting the Frotino Hussars.
Franks men push into the village.
My own cavalry arrive on road 1 (I made a conservative choice)
Franks slight troops close in and begin a fire fight with the Jagers D'Argent and Regiment l'Rock
Both sides
The Cheveliers decide the scummy light infantry of Draconia is unworthy of their steel and refuse to charge despite the presence of the Duke.
Franks Dragoons dismount to garrison the built up area.
The Darconian light cavalry arrives on my flank and my heavy guns on the hill are feeling nervus.
The Guard D'Argent turns to face the Draconian Light Cavalry as do the artillery.  Franks Dragoon unit with the light cavalry takes 3 hits from my heavy guns. The Fortino Hussars launch a charge at the Draconian light infantey..
They are driven off with high casualties
But the D'Argent cavalry is finialy coming in.
Frank launches a daring charge with his light cavalry unfortunately for him his dragoons charge a pair of ready artillery pieces and that unit disintegrates under the grape shot
His Hussars are able to charge the Guard and if they can go in will fight me at two to one odds. (note the second unit is not a flank attack with just squared them up like that for convenience) The Guardsmen of D'Argent how ever hold steady and roll a 5 for their closing fire on the first unit.  Hussars fall like wheat before the reaper...
It was a bold and daring move but it collapses before superior fire powers.
My artillery on the central road is less lucky they score only one hit and then the horsemen bead down on them
Regiment l'Rock moves left to colse the gap opened when my light cavalry broke and blasts a light infantry unit.
The Guard sees off the last of the light cavalry in savage hand to hand fighting.
Franks Cuirassiers throw back my gunners who just barely escape with their guns they then follow up and hit my light infantry unit.
Both infantry and cavalry and driven back my light infantry got 1 hit just enough to drive back the horsemen (though they took 4 hits so had to run them selves.
Frank sends in another charge against Regiment Marini to start the next turn.
On the left the Chevliers D'Argent encourages by the duke charge home and with the help of fire form Regiment l'Rock break the Draconian Light infantry formations clearing the road for the rest of D'Argents cavalry men.
In the Center Tascovics Brigade moves up to resort the center with marching fire.
l'Rock moves up to suport the flank of the Jagers.
The Chevileres D'Argent charge and rout a battered light infantry unit and then follow up charging the Grenadiers behind them.
Though unable to shoot the grenadiers give as good as they get
and both units fall back to lick their wounds.
Regiement Marini breaks for the rear but they are able to return the favor to the cavalry they face and good shooting by Regiment Tascovics see to the other cavalry unit.
At this point we had to go Frank still holds the down but I have had three units routed to his eight Frank declares me the winner but I do think that digging his men out of the village would have been a hard task.  A great game I need to Tweak both armies a little bit but that's not unusual when building from scratch.

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