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Monday, February 13, 2017

Challenge Up Date # 5

Another week another challenge update. I've moved up in the standings a little this week, it will be interesting to see if I can hold position or climb higher.  
 I placed as a runner up in the Terrain Bonus round with 17 Votes.  I netted 80 points from the bonus round.  I am not sure if the extra 30 points were for placing among the runners up or if they were for the scrach built item. Either way I will take it.
This week we have 5 civilian figures from Brigade Games.  These inclued a grand lady and her liveried servants, the town crier and a local militia man.
 I also completed my take on Frederick the Great playing the flute for his beloved dogs this is a great piece form Eureka and I am the second person to paint it this challenge. The Great Snow Lord also did this piece take a look at his interpretation. 
Finally we have three ruffian/pirated types all three are excellent pieces from Crusader Miniatures.   Please take a look at the full posting here: High Class Civilian, the Royal Flautist and Ruffians

 I fell short of my target point total for the week getting only 61 points this week.  I'm 602 Points shy of my target with about 5 weeks to go.  So I will have to hit at least 120 points from here on.  I'm not worried about this as I have 240 points(oups 120!) ready to go once their basing and flags are ready.

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