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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Challenge Update #6

So this week I managed to move up two spots (some what to my surprise) of course I did move back some first since last week but based on the Monday to Monday snapshot its a net gain.  I got in two main entries this week (that have counted) and a Bonus round entry that hasn't been counted yet.  Ian pulled head of me but we are still neck and neck and Ken is well within over take range as is Clint (he didn't submit anything this week so I am expecting a point bomb from him at some point soon).  I might be able to catch Keith if he doesn't get in much painting this week.  I have Totalcon this weekend so that will limit my painting but I hope to have one entry at least.
My First Entry was two units of cavalry for the Pikeman's Lament.  The top is Galloper cavalry the second is Trotters or a I can mix and match them for two units of either.
My Second Entry is the Guards Enfant a new cavalry unit for the Grand Duchy of D'Argent.  They are painted in honor of my first child who will be born in August.  I'll do a more detailed back ground (as I have with all D'Argent units) at some point in the future.
Finally we have my bonus entry.  A pair of French 75s one of the most iconic field artillery pieces ever created.  I'm very pleased with how these came out and hope you will consider clicking through the link and casting a vote for them.

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