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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Challenge update #4

Last week I added 101 points to my total and flipflopped positions with Ian.  Ian and I have been jogging buddies in the challenge before nice to see you again Ian.  You may recall that I said I needed about 120 points a week to hit my target, as the score stands now I have fallen short by 19 points.  That said the Terrain bonus round has yet to kick in its point total and it should give me at least another 50 Points.
 I built at Wizard Tower for Frostgrave  I'm quite proud of this scratch building project and I hope you will take the time to follow the link and cast a vote in my favor. I am hopeful that I will place well and that Curt might give me a few extra points for a home made effort.
This week I had to sets of miniatures to display the Sleepy Hollow Militia, which I picked up for Dave's Dearfield Game.

I also painted more Frostgrave though I fear our relaunched campaign may have fizzled before it got started.
I've also painted up my Skeletons for use in Frostgrave or Dragon Rampant.  All in All a pretty productive week of painting you can check out all the pictures over at the challenge. Assuming a minimal point score of 50 for the terrain I need to get about 107 Points a week for the remainder of the Challenge.  There are two more bonus rounds so I think I am in good shape but I have several weekends coming up where my painting time will be limited so its a long way from a sure thing.