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Monday, January 30, 2017

Saga Last Stand Rematch

Last Thursday John and I met up to play Saga again and we wanted to try the last stand again but switch rolls. Sorry for the doggy quality of the above photo but I wanted to show the starting set up.  I was running the same Norse-Gales list as last time and John was doing the same with his Anglo Saxons.
I have endless war-band in effect so I decided that launching attacks early and often is the way to go, especially with Howling Axes. John realizing he will on face on attack this turn buffs his men to the max.
Its a mutual slaughter I lost 6 Heathguard while John lost 8 warriors in may cases that would be a good exchange for him.. but not in this scenario.
My flanking band of Ax-men hits another unit of his warriors... I lost three and John's losses are similar.
My Javelin armed troops do their job scaling the rocky hill and taking out John's Levy of slingers... Normaly these guys punch well above their weight so I am glad of the result.
My flanking ax men finish off their foes...
and begin pursuing John's Warlord and his warriors. 
My War lord with his Heathgard at his side launches the first attack on the deadly Flemish spearmen
My initial attack doesn't do much but my lone remaining Heathgard launches a suicide attack which is followed up by my warriors.
John's warriors however slip away...  
Only to run right into a "re-spawning"  unit of Heathguards...
 Losses are heavy for John but he needs only survive one turn....
Unfortunately for John I get very good Saga dice so I can move multiple units into attack position and over run the last of the brave Saxon's in the final turn of the game.  I won this one but it was a squeaker.  Had John made use of the fighting defensively rules earlier in the game he would probably have won the game.  This is an interesting and challenging scenario.  Next time we'll try another scenario but I think we will return to this one in the future.