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Monday, January 9, 2017

A thrown together encounter

We were supposed to be playing Dave's home grown version of Pirate Frostgrave but Dave's son had an accident at school so Dave was with him at the ER (the lad is fine just a Sprain) so Frank and I were stuck throwing together a game with my miniatures and the terrain I and the store had on hand
The board is as you can see a bit  more open then I generally prefer but you use what you have.  I improvised a scenario based on the Saga Last Stand game.  We used the Pirate Frostgrave rules developed that Dave had developed.
My troops were on the out edge of the board...
While Frank was in the center.
One of Frank's Groups was isolated in the center so I sent troops rushing in with as much covering fire as I could manage.
I hoped to pull Franks other troops into the open were they could be easily shot... Well part of the plan worked any way Frank did advance into the open.
His shooting soon had some of my men down.. I also knocked out a few of his..
Then my leader took heavy damage.
My own men provided covering fire.
Stripping his leader of support but not before my own captain was down.
My pike man takes Frank's Captain to the brink but is killed in the fighting.
I ran out of time unable to kill Franks men before time ran out.  We both had a good time but the game would probably have played faster and better using Dragon Rampant.