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Thursday, January 19, 2017

24 hour Game day - Dragon Rampant Last Stand

Frank arrived shortly after Honors of War wrapped up so we set up Dragon Rampant using the last stand scenario I adapted from Saga.  I had my  Green and White knights while Frank was running his Kroot army.
As you can see I am surrounded by nasty green lizards that want to eat me
Frank Draws firs blood with skirmish fire
Then his crazed war beasts are on me
While one group overwhelms the purple cloaked unit another charges my cavalry who have been befuddled
Both units are soon out of action.
Frank is in a strong position...
The White Willows Charge Frank's bellicose foot and both sides take heavy lasses
My command unit charges the Kroot commander...
And mine proves the stronger.
Then I face the War Beasts...
Once More my commander is victorious as the White Willow company once more engages the Kroot Bellicose foot.  They drive them back.
The Commander charges one time to many (Wild charge can realy get you in trouble) and he is cut down by War Beasts when he fails to counter charge after the Kroot skirmishers successfully pull away  from his charge.
The White Willow company finally succumbs to repeated charges
The Elite Red and Blue companies are slowly falling back staying as close as they can for mutual support.
Blue drives back repeated charges from the formation of Kroot War Beasts.
One turn left and the forces of darkness are closing in...
A final desperate charge by the Kroot!... it kills several Red Cloaks but they hold...
Two units only one above half strength survive the day... We ignored the army break point for this scenario other wise Frank would have one (he got to recycle dead troops as soon as he had enough for at least a half strength unit so don't feel to bad for him).