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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

24-Hour game day- Honors of War; Something like Lobositz

The first game of the day was based on the battle of Lobositz with the Grand Duchy of D'Argent substituted for the Prussians.  The Austrians are deployed as per the basic Scenario form Honors of War with the exception that the small unit of Hussars was moved over to their right flank to work with the Grenzers
On the D'Argent/Prussian side I mad several changes since my army is not like the Prussians.  1) Only and single CO 2) the left wing included two units of skirmishers 3) a force of light cavalry was added to the right flank (two inferior and one standard under a dithering commander)
Rock's brigade advanced on the right into the vineyards on the Lobosch Hill.   Rifle and Musket fire hit the Grenzers and a running fight that will lass all day commences.
With its flank reasonably secured Taskovits Brigade advances and opens up with ranging shots.
Dave and Max playing the Austrians open fire but other wise make no direct moves at this time.
At this point I rolled an inspired result and got a little too greedy throwing my center against the forces in front of the town,
I took a good bit of fire and the light infantry on the left scampered away.
The Grenadiers in the Village claimed the first of many D'Argent cavalry men's lives they would take this day.   D'Argent's Artilery dished out its own damage as the Austrian cavalry comes into canister range.
Regiment Mixter is driven back by the Austrian artillery Regiment Taskovics breaks one unit of Reichs infantry
Sadly they are taking by fire on the flank and in serious touble I did some damage but that charge cost me more than it gained me.
in the Center the cavalry battle is joined
ON the left Rock's brigade is slowly pushing the light troops back
My other two infantry battalions are tangled up especially when the Taskovics brigade fails to move (poor command result) and the Taskovics regiment is broken.
The cavalry clash is bloody the Prince William Dragoons are broken but do good damage to their foes. The Chassures a Chevel break their opponent (thanks to damage done by the artillery before the melee)
The Duchess Ariana and Prince Tucker Dragoons charge in to fight the surviving Austrian cavalry at two to one odds... but the Prince Tucker dragoons are blasted by flanking fire form the Austrian grenadiers and break for the rear (not a good performance in their first battle)

Still the cavalry have swept their opponents from the field but at a heavy cost.
A brave charge by the Austrian Hussars is driven off with heavy casualties
The Main body of Austrian infantry stats across the bridge.
D'Argent's gunners open up a murderous fire and over two turns will destroy two Austrian infantry units.
De Burre's Brigade has gotten it self sorted out from the battered Taskovics brigade and begins to move to cut the sunken road.
Rock's brigade continues to drive back the light infantry on the left...
Having seen the futility of going across the bridge under fire form three D'Argent Batteries the Austiran main body tries going around...
While the rest of their cavalry ignores my decoy force of Hussars and cross through the village to threaten my main flank.
Regiment Marini driven off by the troops holding the road but the Guard and regiment De Burre drive them out of the road and take the key ground.
The Austrian infantry is unable to get two moves to charge to the road...
On the last turn of the game my Guard troops rout the Austrian troops in front of them breaking the Austrian Armies moral it was a hard fought battle much like the historical Lobositz.  Dave and Max made one major(but very understandable) mistake trying to cross the bridge.  Had they moved across the rive in line formation across their whole front the might well have won the day.