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Friday, May 27, 2016

You must feel Great! (not a typical post)

May 2015
So over the past year I've lost 50lbs (about 22.6 Kg for those of you who use the metric system). That's better than 15% of my old body weight.  I'm not writing to get congratulations but more because I sometimes think I must be missing something.
May 2016 (with my brother and nephews) 
People keep saying stuff like "You must feel so much better..." and yeah I do sort of.  I like the way I look in photos better, and shopping is less frustrating but I wouldn't say I really feel better.  I'm not sleeping any better and I wouldn't say I have more energy.  If anything the increased physical activity often leaves me feeling like I have less energy.  I probably have more endurance and some more physical ability, but that really doesn't effect my out look.
I was happy man at 300 lbs I felt good about myself and my health was good (excepting my weight) and I'm still a happy man at 250 lbs I feel good about myself and my health is good (excepting my weight which is still about a 100 lbs over my "ideal weight").  I think lots of people think weight loss will make you happy, but I don't think weighing less can make you happier and I think lots of people are disappointed I'm not more "excited" (for lack of a better word) by my weight loss.