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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

GB&CoC: Salamanca

My friend John put together an excellent scenario base on a rear guard action after the main battle of Salamaca.  I'm trying to figure out how to post his scenario and OB here... so stay tuned.  We are continuing to play test General Bonaparte and the Chain of Command. 
Here you can see where the gran tactical game, left us it was clear that the British objective of moving troops off the south end of the board was not reasonable as they started there so we changed to a simple battle of anialiation.
Between these two pictures you can see our initial set up. Woods gave me some command and control issues.
The hill did the same for John.
We discovered that the D4 is the best way to keep track of command action for this game as Division commanders get 4 action, Brigadiers get 3 action, Colonels get 2 actions and Majors (who are asumed to be part of the unit get 1).

I got my self into some trouble early with the troops in the woods, had to change formation and get them out and that set me back but other wise I was in decent shape on the left flank.
both sides mover hesitantly on the right flank, me because I was out numbered John out of respect for my lone unit of Hussars.
Note the command indicator dice again, John as moved his general on top of the hill giving him better line of sight.
My men tried to advance and fire but just charged instead...
we actually threw back the guards causing considerable confusion..
but not enough John used the Huzzah special action and got to fire and move all troops that were in range the second battalion of guards charged in and though the fight is bloody the English win it.
Sending my men routing...
John had similar luck on the right Huzzah! is nasty.
I charged in to plug the hole it might have gone better if I had remembered these men were elites...
This would devolve into a bloody stale mate.
on the left John regroups his men.

The fighting on the right continues I tried to use follow me to break trough but failed (again forgetting these were my elites)
Cavalry thwart the English trying to join the fire fight...
Both sides are damage.
The fighting continues my men hold ther own but John is wearing them down and and he has fresh units to throw into the fight.
I throw back one English unit and successfully win the fire fight but John has on unit with out a hit and others in reasonably good shape.
I'm holding my own but its only a matter of time John has more fresh troops and has not lost a single point of moral. We decide to call the game a British Victory.