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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Huzzah 2016: Lair of the Ice Spider

Scot Kunian set up this amazing board and a very cool scenario.. he also let me bring my own war band and since I did I brought my box of Frostgrave miniatures to help out if help was needed.
There is normal treasure but there are also yellow flowers that are valuable for magic item and potion creation.. but Ice Spiders love them.
You can see my war band here... we have 8 players around the table we are crowed around its something of a gun fight in phone booth.
I started off trying to blast my nearest fellow wizard but my spell fizzled.
Then a boar cam at me as I pulled the first of the treasure tokens...
The Chronomancer and advanced and started shooting back at me.. its a nasty situation... I ought to have tried talking first... too many two player Frostgrave games
You can see how crowded the table is, you can see my old friends Anthony and Don in the center.
We are jumped by  small dragon like creature (imp) and I pulled treasure in with Telekinesis
My dog takes down the boar with a single bite, Good Dog!
My Infantry man killed the imp he would be one of the best soldiers under my command this game.
Up runs my dog but he's shot and killed at close range.
The Dwarf on my other side summons a demon and uses one of my figures for it.
Our own battle seems much less important now that an Ice Troll menaces the Chronomancers
Then Werewolves attack my apprentice and his crew... I thought they were just wolves.. damn was I annoyed to find out the truth.
Frost Giant and snow ape (under animal control spell) duke it out.... far form me.
My archer is dead....
The wolves are coming for me...
The Halberd armed infantry man takes down a werewolf...
but my wizard is not so lucky and gets chewed on...
Giant homemade Ent built by Anthony and painted by Scott (or so I believe) 
Great the mother of all spiders is here now!
But its the little one you need to look out for! (this guy pinned down the dwarfs for at least 3 turns)
My man at arms dies fighting the Werewolf... 
But my infantry man steps in and drives him back wounded. 
Then Don uses push to send the Snow troll right into my midst's and the Chronomancers starts slinging spells at me...
My apprentice uses Push to send the wolf back...
Then my wizard is killed by the Chronomancer archers.
I'm glad that is headed away from me....
The Snow Troll is bad enough
My thieves take down the werewolf with an attack using three soldiers...
My Archers however isn't so lucky
That Ape is going after the Spider now.. (it had killed the Giant)
Great more nasty monsters... I have a Demon to deal with now..

My Soldier takes down one of the archers... and time runs out
I got enough treasure and thus points I was able to come in 4th overall with my 4 tokens despite the fact that I only got in about a block into the city.  This was a great scenario, Hats off to Scott and his team for putting on a great game.