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Friday, May 13, 2016

Last Troops for Huzzah.

These fellows are from Watchful Studios Ancient Chinese line, great figures though the weapons are a little thin and flimsy. 
 Finished these guys up last night to fight for the Warlord of Hangui in the Hanguied Princess game I am running using Mike Paine's table on Saturday morning.  Sadly their basing isn't finished....
Even more sadly the little barbarians that live in my apartment complex messed with them while the sealer was drying and they are all scratched up. I want to think it was the wind that moved the tray around... I want to believe that, its the first time in three years this has happened. That said I heard them playing on the back porch and saw every thing knocked askew with I got out to check on them... the kids were gone by that time. Oh well they will do and then I can repaint them