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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

GQ: Battle of the Dragon Islands

Last Thursday ships of the Royal Navy met ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Dragon Islands a little know formation in the South East Indian Ocean(using the General Quarters rules).  Mike with Hood and Dido and Dave with Queen Elizabeth and Belfast comanded the RN while Frank and myseld comanded the IJN. 
My own comand was the modernized Battle Cruiser Kerishima and the Heave Cruiser Kako Frank had the Mutsu and the CL Aganao.  Each player also had 4 destroyers.
Kako opended the ball with a broad side that quickly crippled on RN destroyer.
My flanking destroyes spot the Queen Elizabeth and her escorts.
The RN hit one of Frank Destroyers starting a fire.
Dave uses terrain to mask the Queen Elizabeth and Belfast so he can move to suport the already had pressed hood.
My Destroyers hit Dave's DDs hard.
Frank landed several hard shots to the Hood.  Agano also knocked out Dido's engenearing section leaving her dead in the water on turn one.
Hood lands multiple hits on Kako and she goes down as 15 inch shells rip her form stem to sturn.
Kerishima then hit Belfast...
Hood is battleling multiple fires but still striking back
Belfast and Queen Elizabeth round one side of the island...
While Dave's Destroyers round the other I'm finding my self in a bit of a hammer and anvil situation.
It looks like the English Destoryers are attempting to board... they have shot up my escorts which are strugglign to stay in the action.
Kerishima's seconary armarment rips into the RN Destoryers
one is sunk and second burns furiously
Queen Elizabeth's gun crews are not finding the range possibly they are worride they will hit thier own Destroyers but Kerishima's main guns have no similar problems... damage is light but now she too is on fire.
Worse yet Belfast has colided with one of Mike's Destoryers
My own destoyres both skinking fast ram
and sink an RN Destoryer
Kerishima starts rounding the island as smaller ships burn feriously in her wake
Queen elizabeith rips in to the lead destroyer of the Frank's escorts as Mutsu continues to powned the battered but still (barely) operational Hood.
Though my destroyer formation is cripple the Karishima has very minor damage and Mutsu is untouched.  Hood has lost all its main battery though her secondaries are still spitting defiance. Queen Elizabeth has minor damage but is still very much in the fight but the wight of metal is clearly on the Japanese side when we call the game.