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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

D'Argent for Honors of War

So I wanted to put together some Stats for the Grand Duchy of D'Argent for Honors of war.  First of all we have the "National Differences" table
For Brigade Comanders I wanted them to better than average but still have a chance of a well connected dither rising to high command.  I used the Prussians table for the early Seven Years War as it represents something of a historical "best case" scenario.

I gave D'Argent a bonus on its movement initiative. D'Argent's infantry is well drilled and hardy, the cavalry while not having access to the best horses is skilled.  The Officers are aggressive so a move initiative bonus fits. 

I decided not to have a fire initiative, my troops have good musket drill but its not exceptional. 

Formation Change:  This was complicated.  Prussia has no penalty every one else pays half or full to change formation.  I decided to have my infantry pay one quarter of their move to change formation. That makes them better than every one but the Prussians.  

D'Argents Cavalry is good but as its not the best horse country I made the cavalry pay a standard half move because while their drill is good the quality of the horses effects their speed of maneuver.

I use the same logic for Movement to Flank and Rear as these movements are simpler than true formation changes I let the infantry do this without penalty but the cavalry loses a quarter of their move.

Artillery I made these more or less standard professional artillery for the period.

Troop Rating

The Guard, Regiment deBurre, and Reigment Taskovics are all rated as Supirior. All other line infantry troops are rated Standard.   Regiment l'Rock can be fielded as standard regular infantry or as standard light infantry.
The cavalry is a bit more complicated.  The Dutchess Dragoons, Prince William Dragoons, Prince Tucker Dragoons and Chassures a Cheval, are all rated Standard.  The Chevaliers D'Argent are a special case, they rate as standard in most respect but melee as superior and recover as inferior. They are throwback noble men serving as organized volunteers, as such they are deadly fighters but ill disciplined.
Hussar Regiment Pincess Fortino, Hussar Regiment von Triggs, Sullivans Dragoons, are all rated as inferior light cavalry.  Jeavons' Horse Grenadiers are rated as Standard Light Cavalry. The Jager-Hounds are rated as Inferior and also classed as small.

They are a silly little idea and probably won't show up in too many games.

The Chasseure De Montanas can be fielded as standard musket armed light infantry or inferior light Cavalry. The Coureur de Montanas are inferior light infantry but fire as standard light infantry, they are musket armed.  Jager's D'Argent are rifle armed light infantry with a standard rating.  Civic Grenadiers, Arquibustiers de le Tisserand and Volontaires de Pomfrey are small standard light infantry units.