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Monday, May 2, 2016

Ring Box Project

We saw a ring box in a craft store but decided we could do better.  I picked up this box, the Heart and wooden letters at the local Michael's craft store. 
 I removed the hinges, latch and handles then took them outside and coated them with 3 coats of Valspar Spray paint.
Once everything had dried I reatached the handle, latch and hinges.
That left me with a plain white box, which might do for some people but we wanted some color.
 Our wedding colors are Navy Blue which Ariana felt would be too dark so that left "Coral" and "Teal"
 I also painted the "pillars" on the front sides of the box.
To keep the rings form rattling around I picked up two Jewlery display fingers.  The Rings are on there way I might add another photo with those at some point.