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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Salamanca-French Right Flank

As Promised here are the Scenario notes, OOB and Map used to create our game last Thursday.   John put together the scenario and we used his terrain and troops.

22nd July 1812, late afternoon. Clausel’s mauling of Cole’s 4th Division has been countered by Clinton’s 6th Division. Marmot has lost the battle. The defeated French left flank retreats in disarray towards Alba de Torres. Campbell’s 1st Division has been ordered to prevent Foy’s Division from joining Ferry’s Division to help cover the French retreat. Both these forces are fresh and have yet to fight in the battle.  The terrain for the battle is outlined below and is quite simple with a road running through the short axis on the right with the Greater Arapil in the bottom left. Two small areas of forest are also on the table. Both the forest and the hill are -2d6 on movement and obstruct LOS. Both sides start their Grand Tactical phase as indicated by the arrows. All TdC’s start formed with their parent units. Victory to the French if they prevent 50% of the British force from reaching the southern edge of the table (This proved impossible with the set up we tried) . Failure of Force Morale is a defeat. Force Morale rules in place (v2.5). Both sides start at 9. Adapted British command rules in place. A CD of 1,2 activates a battalion with 2 CI’s when a 2 is thrown. Do not forget to throw for Dynamic Commanders.

Above is the order of Battle that John created, I believe from period sources. 

Finally the map showing the area of the game out lined in green