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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Winged Husarii

These excellent miniatures are from "By Fire and Sword" and I won them in a raffle at Huzzah! in 2013.   I'm very pleased with the results the figures have a lot of detail and even come with flags and lance pennants.  The sculpts are excellent though the wings are a bit fiddly to deal with and the horses legs aren't quite as robust as I might like them.  Also be careful those lances are sharp.
Fire and Sword has three to base but I found this overly crowded and decided that two to a base would be more workable and give me more of a chance to decorate the bases.  I went with a winter theme using Army Painter's products snow, tundra tufts and some wasteland tufts for contrast.
This gave me some extra men I mounted 4 of them on 1 inch square stands compatible with Maurice. So in addition to two Fire and Sword units I also have one unit for Maurice.
By lucky coincidence on of these stand and two Fire and Sword stands and one Maurice stand gives the proper frontage for a Maurice unit.
You can see a unit of this nature facing off with a unit of Maurice infantry.