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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

D'Argent Detachments for Maurice

In Maurice Detachments are single base irregular units can represent small but significant units of specialist troops usually light infantry that has been sent out to cause mischief for the enemy.  I have made several of these that can serve separately or be combined in to a colorful force of irregular infantry.
The Civic Grenadiers made up of the most active men of the D'Argent Militia.  In peace time these men provide extra mussel when customs troops or officials need a hand.
The drill regularly and practice marksmanship as well but they are hardly regular troops they are excellent skirmishers and  as many of them are artisans apprentices and live int he cities and towns the make excellent sappers during sieges and excel at defending (and attacking) towns.
Arquibustiers de le Tisserand is a company of light infantry paid for by the Weavers Guild of D'Argent's principle city.  Long ago the the guild members served as first as crossbowmen and later as hand gunners in defense of their homes.
These days the burgers prefer to pay for the company and excused from military service so most of these men are recruited from the country side of beyond... though some sons of the guild's men still take a place in the ranks from time to time.  Uniforms are colorful displaying the weavers art and civic pride. 
Volontaires de Pomfrey is an infantry unit raised by Baron Pomfry a noble who is distant relation of the Duke.  He enjoys having a military escort of his own for parades and ceremonies and is always happy to let the Duke take them into pay when he needs addition troops.
In peace time they are mainly a ceremonial unit.  In war they have a mixed reputation sometimes they skulk and sometimes they fight like devils.
The three units have at various time served individually or in combination.