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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coureur de Montanas the bad boys of the Army of D'Argent

So I had these Essex figures, they are supposed to be French and Indian Wars Rangers but they don't really look right to me with their mustaches and Burnside style whiskers.    I don't have any French and Indian war plans at this time but they were just the right number of figures to do an irregular unit for Maurice so I thought I would put them in the Army of D'Argent.
 So these guys are not really part of the army.  They live in most rugged and mountainous regions of D'Argent and subsist mostly through banditry supplemented by herding and hunting.
In peace time they clash frequently with the Chaussers de Montana (pictured above).  Who are tasked with keeping law and order in these regions.  The two bodies have a healthy appreciation for each others strengths and weakness that grows out of many minor clashes.
 Still the Coureur are patriots in there owe way and they have been know to harass enemies crossing the mountains and some times bands will even come down to offer service to the Duke in time of war.
Conditions are usually food, gifts and a full pardon... but as soon as the immediate threat is over... they are likely to revert to thieving and other bad behaviors.