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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Expanding the Saxon War Band

I've been working on some additional Nobles for the Saxon Campaign I am playing with John.  Sadly some of these pictures look less good here than they did on my camera which I can't quite explain. So if you come back latter you may see other better pictures.
Very please with this shield that I painted by hand.   Its a simple design inspired by some I have seen but not trying to copy any.
The gray cloak also came out better than I had hoped.
Another hand painted shield
It doesn't show here as well as I would like but I am really proud of how this guys hair came out.
I think I got a depth to the color you normally don't see when I paint hair and fur.
This Ax man has an head wound probably to his eye as its covered over.
His leggings are a bit ragged clearly he's a lower class warrior or a noble on hard times.
My back up Champion... his posture matches my Lord better than my current champion who is more dynamic in pose.
another shield I am very pleased with.  A little more work needs to be done on the bases, and some better pictures are needed too.