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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dark Age Bases and Banner

When I unveiled my Dark Age leaders for my campaign with John I had not yet based them and their was the little matter of getting a banner.  Also John has done some creative writing relating to his end of the campaign take a look here: Cronicle of Iohannes
 Given that my Lords name is Cuthwulf the Red  the red wolf banner seemed a natural fit.
The Banner came from Don't throw a 1 and its one of several excellent options available there and its not just dark ages.
 The flowers are Army Painter and the leaves are Secret Weapon I used them with my Civil War armies in 15mm and they work even better with 25mm figures.
 Cuthwulf and his champion have a similar basing arrangement a mix of flowers and leaves.
 For my Pagan priestess I went with a winter arrangement the snow and turf pieces are all from Army painter.
The snow covered turf looks great but I have one warning, lots of fluff will pop off them and its very fine fluff so next time I use it I think a dust mask may be in order.