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Friday, October 10, 2014

Raid on the Church at Lindisfarne

In honor of his birthday Lord Cuthwulf the Red decided it would be fun to go raid a Briton Church at Lindisfarne (John has been watching the Vikings and this determined the location).  
My war band got two free moves to advance on the church one of my elite bands got across the major river (waist deep) with out too much issue but two other units got hung up.  John's men are arriving at the top of the board. 
John leads with his missile troops  and levies....
While his lord Antoninus and his elites try to get across the river. 
Still trying to get across... 
My elites are in position to cover the men who will be hunting for Briton treasure. 
John is moving forward fairly slowly at this stage partly by design partly because he isn't getting his unit to activate int he order he needed them to. 
A Briton's eye view of the Saxon barbarians. 
I'm worried about those levies getting behind me... and I start to make an error. 
the Cream of both armies re facing off 
I try to charge the Levies but John uses Stand forth... he doesn't get me but I don't manage to break the levies as I had hoped leaving my men vulnerable. 
Antoninus and the elites charge Cuthwulf and his elites a savage 4 rounds of combat ensue (2 initiated by john and 2 initiated by me)
At the end I have broken the moral of the Briton Elites and they flee.  I am unable to run down John's lord who makes a clean get away. 
Looking for loot! 
But John has taken two units of warriors in the flank and breaks them both. My army moral hangs by a thread.
We have our treasure though at this point John says he want to retreat. I tell him that if he hangs on I think he has good chance of winning....
I have the treasure but a lot of Britons stand in my way. 
I hurl one of my elitists against Johns' levies but thier shield wall holds...  
and they do enough damage to break one of my units... and my army moral breaks giving John the win.  I made some mistakes going after kills and ignoring the potential consequences to moral until I had taken mortal damage in that regard. Still I got away with all my nobles and a good core of elite troops.  Hopefully I will do better next time.