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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Check you Six props and jets

With Ariana working I headed over to 3 Trolls Games and Puzzels for their Saturday morning game the Germans had 4 Me262s and 3 Focke wulf 190s facing off agians 4 P-80s and 3 P-51s.
 I flew the P-51 flight with one veteran and two skilled pilots against my friend Warren in the 190s.
 The Jets close fast but at the far end of the table so I don't pay too much attention its almost two games in one at this point.
 I made some good guesses and got two of my planes in firing position while Warren will have only one shot.
 I hit Warren with air frame dammage and both flights rip past each other turning to keep gunsights on the foe.
 Jets have engaged one P80 is destroyed and on Me262 has been hit.
 I'm head to head with one of Warren's planes and both miss their shots... I'm tailing another Focke wulf and miss that too... but I am tailing him.
One Warren's planes tears past me and I let it got taking advantage of the 3 to 2 odds and its moving away form the jets!
 I close and with point blank shots I take out one of the 190s
 The other 190 is now protected by the Me262 (only one P80 is still flying) as long as Warren is running away form the jets I can keep shooting at him.
 I'm tailing him but the German pilot is good just juking out of my shots each time.
 OH Crap the Jets are after me Dive! and gain speed!
 Two of my planes just just flat out running! but my Veteran pilot wants one more Hun!  I have one shot at point blank range.
I hit and roll damage... you can see the damage above... looks good right but not in Check your Six because you drop a roll of 6.... so my damage is 6 not 30... Warren escapes!  Dick in his Me262 has one shot at long range on me... he hits but I just barely make the saving throw!  So do I three P80s are killed to one Me262 damaged.  I killed one FW190 and damaged another and wonder of wonders escaped with my air craft intact