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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Plastic Pak 40 from Battlefront

 This is the plastic Pak 40 that comes with an open fire set.  The pieces of the model went together well and the the figures went into their slots on the base easily.  I'm a little concerned about that long barrel snapping so I have to be careful
 The base is a little more crowded than I really like but it the slots help make it work. I do like the officer at the front but he really should grab some cover.
 I used some of the army painter flowers on the base to dress up the standard static grass.
 The figures have fairly good detail some of Battle fronts lines have more some have less.  The detials that are present are clear, crisp and easy to paint.
Having a 3rd Pack 40 will really give me some new options in a lot of my German lists.