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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cuthwulf the Red and his war band

Ahead of tonight's game I wanted to profile my war band's leaders 
Lord Cuthwulf the Red Age 23 build Average; Attribute Master of Arms Wodenborn.  The calculating mind behind the war band.  A skilled warrior well know for his skill with spear or sword.
 Wulfric Champion, Age 21, Build: Tall and Strong, Attribute Constitution of an Ox. Son of a peasant.  Wulfric the son of a farmer in service to Cuthwulf's father trained in war because of his size and strength and natural skill.  He has been Cuthwulfs servant since they were both in their early teens.  Wulfric's sister is a "wise woman" in service to the gods she sees opertunity in her bothers position as Cuthwulf's champion.
 Burgred Noble, Age 34 Build Average, Attribute Constitution of an Ox, Wodenborn.  Burgred is Cuthwulf's uncle the child of his father's old age and more Cuthwulf older brother than uncle. He was sent by his brother to keep an eye on his son as he starts his career as a warlord.
Osbert Noble, Age 28 Build Short, Attribute Devout, Woudenborn. Osbert is Cuthwulf's older cousin on his Mother's side an experienced warrior  and leader of men.  He's sometimes resents having to follow a younger man follow out of family loyalty and because he has been told Cuthwulf  is blessed by the gods.