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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hobby Bunker Campaing (6) Meeting Engament

  Before the last game I figured I would be "saying good bye" to some of my units and I did but as John and my forces groped for each other along some country road in the Shenandoah Valley(this battle is the Meeting Engagement) I have to say that while smaller this is the best army I have command in a Game of Longstreet. 
 I have a fine troop of cavalry 6 stands strong Eager Veterans, 4 veteran Infantry regiments each with 5 stands and 3 of them are Eager. The 3rd Arkansas has its sharpshooter and even if its only "seasoned" its faced the best the Yankees can throw at it an always survived (if not won).  I have 4 batteries with a total of 9 guns more than twice my opponents three of them are Heavy Rifles. Finally the Brigades is joined by the 47th Alabama 9 stands strong bringing some welcome bulk even if they are only seasoned recruits.
 Both of us are moving forward trying to grab key locations I need that small hill and I the fields for my plan to work.
 I reach them John starts to dig in worried about my artillery which is already opening up on him.
 The Palmetto Artillery fire at John's hill top battery and gains a hit. The 3rd Arkansas advances against the Yankee infantry on the left screening a flank movement be hind it.
 John realizing my Heavy Rifles ignore breastworks starts to come forward using the confusion card to force the 17th Georgia to partly block my artillery.
 Men come to Bayonet points on  the left and right I throw back the charges.
 I make my won charge here and am driven back.  John charges again on his turn I lose an artillery stand
Fighting for this hill swings back and forth but I finally claim it with a charge and the Rebel Yell card I use this card 3 times in this game I will never have that luxury again in this campaign.  The hammering breaks John's army with 21 stands lost.  John had a tough battle to face here with more troops with eager elan and veteran status I had an advantage close in but with a better than 2 to 1 advantage in artillery I could also win a long range pounding match. I got 6 epic point to John's 4 and then I received 3 more when I draw the Name in the Papers card. My Epic point total is now 34 to John's 29 as head in to the last 3 games and the cards swing decidedly John's way.