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Friday, May 30, 2014

Confederate Disaster in the Shenandoah! Longstreet (7)

Game Seven was last night over at the Hobby Bunker.  As you know we had the walled farm scenario I won the roll and decided to defend (I had been the attacker last time we did this scenario).
Hear you can see my initial deployment the 47th Alabama(seasoned Vets) is on the left while the Shenandoah Militia (seasoned recruits) is on the right.  The 20th and 17th Georgia are behind the field poised to counter attack or shift to meet threats as are two batteries of artillery.  The 1st Texas was placed in the corner of the stone wall. The Palmetto with its Heavy Rifles is positioned between the walls and the woods on the left.  John placed woods and filed in of my position and there was a stream flowing from the right defenders corner to the woods to the right of the stone wall.
 John put is main effort on the right front of my position... That's two batteries of with a total of 6 Light Rifles coming my way.
 John's new figures look very snappy especially those Zouaves.
 That's a lot of Yankees coming my way....
John's 3 Heavy Rifles draw first blood wiping out the last of my original units the Texas Light Artillery is no more.
John is coming up on the Right and I am trying to get men into position the swamp you can just seem below is one John placed with a the poor survey card.
 I hit John with the local assistance a just as he was ready launch is attack...
 He stopped me with "couldn't hit an elephant" you can see on the right I am in a very bad position!
 John uses Fixed Bayonets and charges home with massive force I countered with "like a stone wall" and a huge melee breaks out! John earns 2 epic points I threw back 2 of the 3 attacks but the Shenandoah militia loses 5 stands! 4 in the combat an 1 when it hits the swamp.
 I try to form an improvised line but the 17th Georgia (right) has been struck with many artillery hits and is down to 3 stands. John has also cleverly used confusion to limber and move the Pulaski battery and on the following turn he charges again.  The battery is driven back though the 17th holds the 3rd Arkansas in the center is broken. John then falls back out of charge range... denying me an epic point with a counter charge. My Cavalry and the Louisiana Tigers arrive but its to little to late.
Several more volley are exchanged back and forth but I am losing men and my dice have been below average all night so John is not suffering nearly so much. In fact he gets some really good shots.
Like these 5 hits on  the 17th Georgia I took away 3 with the cards....
and the unit survived one of the hottest fires of the war! John pulls a head by in epic points with this win closing the gap I built last game. Hands down this was John's best game he played his army with skill and panache.  John finally had a full set of artillery and he used it well, he used his whole army well.  I Played a good game but not quite as good as John and his dice were a lot better than mine last night.

I lost 19 stands! John lost only handful about the same margin as last game only reversed. Great win John.