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Sunday, May 25, 2014

US Gliders win Resounding victory!

Blogging your games mean show casing you losses and man did I loose big to day facing Ted's Glider infantry from the 'Nuts' book.  I was running Strumkomponie from Gray Wolf.
 The Mission was Breakthrough I picked the corner with the buildings I deployed my infantry in s rough V with guns in the corner and infantry guns on the hill to my right. I had StuGs 2cm AA guns and 8.8 Guns coming in in reserve.
 We started almost on top of each-other (a knife fight in a phone booth as my friend AJ used to say) Ted actually assaulted my infantry on turn one but was driven back with fire.  I did manage to keep Ted's artillery and HMGs pinned for several turns.
 Ted's air strikes did a lot of damage in the game never more so than this attack that cost me three stands and pinned this unit as I was unable to un-pin the next turn I didn't reach the objectives.
Ted also hit me hard with direct fire from 105s I hate breakthrough guns.
Air strikes again Ted kills another of my guns.
Then the US support arrives with infantry and tank Ted hits me with a ton of MG fire killing 3 more stand and my infantry guns are also destroyed.
I have no choice but to concede I placed my initial troops badly and mismanaged my reserve troops. My dice were on the low side of average but if I had played well I could have over come then Ted out played me today.