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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Longstreet Post Battle Process (6)

As we move into 1864 My army is in good shape but the deck will turn against me. I now lead the Epic Points race by 34 to 29 but that is only because of drawing the "Name in the Papers"  card.  

I used Hail to the Chief to raise the 3rd Arkansas to Eager Elan and another card to bring them back up to strength of 5 bases. 
I transferred a Napoleon from the Bedford Artillery to the Pulaski artillery and then brought the Bedford battery up to 2 base strength with a Heavy Rifle. My Artillery park is still strong but no longer has the edge it once did on John.

I used "See the Elephant" to promote the 47th Alabama to veteran Status with seven Stands they will be a good unit to hold a key position with while the smaller Eager units manuver into attack position. 

Attacking will be a lot harder now as I no longer have the Rebel Yell Card to clear the way.  On the plus side the first battle I will have 4 dummy cards thanks to the "Priority Card."

I've added the Shenandoah Militia an 8 stand unit of Seasoned Recruits other than that my army is unchanged, apart from units getting smaller thanks to casualties and reduction (though less of that this time thank goodness)