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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Further evolution of a Longstreet Army

John and I are poised to for our seventh game tomorrow the First of two battles set in 1864.  I now have Rank 5 which means I would rank with one of Lee's Corps commanders.  So I am assuming I hold a semi independent command covering the all important Shenandoah Valley (which historically belonged to Jubal Early).

My current army  is below and is still a formidable force, cavalry strength has fallen off but I have a powerful artillery corps.  I infantry is excellent though many of the units are quite small now.
Despite the elite quality of many of my units I have my work cut out for me.  Only one "Rebel Yell" card remains and while am even with John in Artillery he has quite a few "Yankee Guns" cards and he also has some other special Yankee cards that are coming into play. We will revisit the Walled Farm scenario.
John is bringing his own Union Army tomorrow he has been borrowing the one Cortland lent me.  You can check out my opposition here: Fuentes de Onoro