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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Union and Confederate Artillery for Longstreet

Below are one Confederate howitzer and two Confederate Heavy Rifles as well as two Union Heavy Rifles.
 First up is the confederate mountain howitzer it suffers from short range but they do have good hitting power at both bombardment and canister range.
 I love this guys Yosemite Sam style hat..
And the suspenders. The gun is Stone Mountain and the figure is Essex
 This is a 30 Pounder Parrott rifle
 Being manhandled into position by two Essex figures
 Another 30 Pounder Parrott rifle only on man (an Essex figure) who I assume is moving the gun to adjust the aim.
 The figure in the back is Blue moon they don't scale too badly together
 Union 30 Pounder Parrott Rifle with an officer picking out a target in the distance
 The red pant stripes have come out better on these figures both CSA and USA.
A second Union 30 Pounder Parrott Rifle with a hard working sponger who is taking a quick break.
I went with a reddish brown shirt because the Red shirted Union artillery man is so common in paintings of the war even thought they don't seems to have been common historically.  I think this works as a compromise.