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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Guns at Gettysburg at Huzzah!con (2)

Guns at Gettysburg is a board game using wooden blocks to represent Divisions of the Confederate and Union Armies at Gettysburg. I was one of two union players.  Above is the opening stage just after getting Buford's cavalry bounced back by Heath with heavy losses.  I thought from history and the movie that Buford could fight (at least for a while) but not this time.

The game develops slowly in part because we are all still learning but also because we don't see as many reinforcements (on both sides) early in the day.  The Union forms a good line but the Rebels don't attack they try to run our left.

 They stretched the Union lines then started driving us back but Hancock appeared at a timely moment on the Left and started sweeping up the extended and isolated Confederate Divisions. Meanwhile Uncle John Sedgwick arrived on the Baltimore Pike strengthening out position on the hills near Gettysburg itself.

This is an interesting game I think it would work better with two players and was a bit slow to get started for a convention game.  I suggested starting with the 2nd day (but the game doesn't provide guidance for this) as I think that is the most interesting day of the battle in terms of exploring what ifs. The game really brings the terrain of this part of Pennsylvanian to life as it influences movement on the battle.  I would play this again but probably not play it at a convention but for a nice afternoon of gaming this is a good game.