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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Battle of Leuthen at Huzzah(1)

The Friday night game for me was Frederick the Great's celebrated Battle of Leuthen.  The Rules game were Carnage and Glory a favorite of mine and put together by Rich a favorite GM.
I was on the Austrian side.  The Austrians were force to live with their historic deployment but the Prussians could and did get to redeploy.  The Prussians focused their attack on the left (I was commanding the Austrian right).
I sent some infantry to the Left  and began a slow move forward on the Right of the Austrian position.
Where I was facing a lot of Prussian Cavalry.
Prussian Infantry and Cavalry press in on the Left.
Then they drive at our center.  Both attacks learn that charging 12 pounder batteries to the front is inimical to your soldiers health.
ON the Left I have infantry moving forward and guns taking aim at the cavalry, skirmishers are playing on the left as well.
The Prussian attack on the left rear is making headway but their attacks on the center and left front are suffering bloody repulses.
The Prussian Commanders are trying to come up with a last ditch effort to break into the town.
I have my own attack in mind with Cavalry that is sweeping in on the right.
The Prussian Cavalry attacks the center but not before my own charge goes home on a unit of dragoons.  To my surprise I drove this unit back.
The Prussian Cavalry gamely charges home but was driven back and the Prussians were driven below their army moral giving Austria a Decisive Victory and changing European history as we know it.