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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tanksgiving with Kampfgroup Commander

Dave brought out his micro armor for a battle out side Stalingrad. OK its not a real Tanksgiving as that is an official Battlefront event but there were a lot of tanks and I don't think you can copy right a pun.  Dave played the roll of German commander trying to hold by the soviet pincer while Ted and I commanded the Soviets, Ted had a Cossack formation while my own command was tank brigade (a battalion in any other army).
My command the 95th Tank Brigade
The small village that would prove the focal point of our contest
Dave and Ted over look the battle field as Dave decides which of his cleverly hidden troops to revel.
The Russian advance... not a lot of options for subtly here so in we go!
 Dave whacks one of my T-34 formations hard killing two and driving the rest off I got One Panzer III in return not a good trade.  The tank riders bail out and seek shelter in a near by wood.
I send in more tanks and get whacked again my dice rolls during this section of the game were pretty terrible.
Ted is pressing in the center with some more success. While I have all my tanks shaken so with out a rally I really can't move them(not if I want to do anything else)... so they stay still and try to shoot it out. 
Ted Presses in on the Panzergrenadiers and the 8.8 Gun it took a while but the Cossacks proved more deadly in close than the Germans.
Slowly I pick on Panzer IIIs but lose another T-34 I can't move(because of poor command rolls) return fire is my only real option.
I did catch this Panzer III by surprises and soviet anti tank guns and grenades took him down hard. Ted press forwarded in the center and pushed on the village but more German tanks revealed them selves and soon we were down to two KV-1s in the fight. My push on the village has some success...
but I lost another T-34 and the 4th and final tank ran for cover though I did take out all the Panzer IIIs in the shoot out. We called it at this point a German victory.  Kampfgroup Commander was fun though the soviets are a frustrating army to command especially when you dice are only average to poor as mine were last night.  I'd play again I do enjoy playing at a higher level of command than than the company/battalion level of Flames of War.