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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First games of DBA with Boston Trained Band

Saturday I made my way to the Hobby Bunker and Maureen(above) was kind enough to lend me a early Imperial Roman army.  Maureen was also my first opponent with Celtic British army.
Roman cavalry and Briton light cavalry have an old fashion stand off going
Charriots swing for my left as war-bands storm the hill...
and crash into my Auxilas
The fighting did not go my way and I was driven off the hill with two losses.
But I was a able to reform and my Scorpion Bolt thrower on the left started harassing the chariots
As my line wheeled and crashed into the Britons
One of those pesky chariots gets my artillery.
We get to grips and manage to destroy two Briton units...
but lose my final stand, giving Maureen the win 4-2.  I learned a lot in the game about the system and Maureen was a good teacher.
Next I faced another Roman army this one I believe was a late republican army, commanded by Tyler, so it was almost the Roman Civil war.  My plan was simple march forward and engage with the legionaries(Blades) ... use the auxillas to shield the left while the cavalry would try to work around the right.
My my dice had been rather bad in my fist game but were red hot in this one.  my artillery helped break up Tyler's line giving me a significant advantage the clash of arms. Tyler was also handicapped by deploying part of his army on the wrong side of the river and by truly lousy dice roles. 
Legion faces legion as my Axuilla's over lap a flank and destroy a key spear-man unit and my blade press both Tyler's front and right flank.
I won the battle by the same 4-2 margin Maureen beat me by.  Had Tyler had better luck with the dice the game might have been very different.