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Extra Life
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bloggers for Charity (4)

Shading and highlighting/dry brushing is done.   I may have to re-evaluate my stance on 28mm Figures as these were a joy to paint.
According to Christopher Duffy the average age of a soldier in the 18th century was 30. Well since I started graying in my mid/late 20s I gave these guys a little frosting of gray hair. 
Once I get an evening with dry weather and minimal wind I will get these covered with a layer of top coat.
I like these guys so much might have to bid for them when the time comes :)
Some time next week I hope to have these on there way back to the folks in the UK were they can help raise money to befits British Soldiers in need. Keep an eye on Bloggers for Charity's Website to see the good work they are doing.