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Extra Life
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hopping around the Wed

I have not been posting much lately because a weekend trip to Montreal followed by the need to look after my girlfriend who got sick on said trip have left me without much time to paint.

I do have some projects on the table and you may see them before too long.

I have been doing some surfing around the web and wanted to share a few website with you guys.

If your on Facebook and you are a military history enthusiast (and you read this blog so you must be right?) you should look the WWII Pictures group
HMS Revenge opens fire
That is one of the lesser images I have seen on this group its well done and you should check it out.

There is a new blog out there and I am officially addicted.  Life in Miniature is a new blog by Peter Brown who has been working in the heart of the miniature and war gaming industry since he was a teenager in the 80s.  Its fascinating to see the recent history of gaming from inside.  Take a look and say good by to being productive for a few hours as you catch up.  Peter started in October so your can still start at the beginning and catch up.