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Monday, November 25, 2013

Liegnitz at Hobby Bunker

I had volunteered to put together a scenario for the Boston Trained Band  back in August back then a November date seemed far away .  Naturally it came up faster than I expected and I had been side tracked by other projects Never the less I was able to put on the Battle on Liegnitz Saturday thanks in part to Frank Chadwicks excellent seven years war Scenario book.

I modified the scenario slightly putting a small force of Austrians representing Daun's Army to the Prussian's rear.  In Chadwick's book the Austrians can score a minor victory by engaging and inflicting a certain number of casualties on a part of the Prussian Army that us unengaged in the real battle. That is fine for a one on one game but in a group game it leaves some one with the job of trying not to fight.  I chose to give this section of the Prussian army a job so that player would have something to do.  Rules were Black Powder.
 Above is the historic Austrian force under Loudon (played by Steve in this case facing the Prussian army massed on the Plateau, Rich had the roll of Prussian Commander. I was acting mainly as the Ref but also commanded the Austrian cavalry at the very top of the frame.
Mike had command of the Daun's advanced corps a brigade of Reich army (because they are colorful) and a mixed force of Austrian Grenadiers and Grenzers.  Bill commanded the Prussian Rear Guard. These few pictures are thanks to Rich as I forgot my camera in my concern over getting everything needed to play organized.
The initial attack by Austrian Light infantry and Hussars moving though the woods was decisively beaten back by the Prussians.  The one brigade Austrian infantry advanced over the bridge with artillery and all looked lost when on turn two with Prussian horse in the neighborhood that brigade failed to make its command check but the Prussian Cavalry had command problems of their own and wound up falling short on his charge and with his brigade strung out. over the next few turns a combination of Austrian Infantry(mainly) and Cavalry would drive off these troopers and break that brigade.
Mike is steadily Advancing on the Prussian rear while Steve and I our victory over the Prussian Cavalry not with standing are having a hard time getting to grips with the Prussian main force.  In part this was due to some poor command rolls.  The Prussian fire and their strong position also play a roll.  After several turns Mike breaks though the village to the rear of the Prussian position Breaking an infantry brigade and chewing up a second Prussian Cavalry Brigade.

The main Austrian Force has recovered form its initial command confusion has begun to press in on the Prussian front and flank.  The Prussians are in a ring of steal  and a we decided the out come is more or less inevitable.  So a Minor Austrian Victory is declared.  Thanks guys for the feed back so far I think I did make the Austrian Grenadiers too strong. Any other observation would be appreciated.