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Extra Life
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Bloggers for Charity (3) Work in progress

Just wanted post some photos so you can see how my Bloggers for Charity project is going.  While I am talking about Blogging for Charity I want to give my friend Jon and his buddy Ben a huge shout out for helping raise 3 Million+ for Children's Hospital through Extra-life  this weekend with their 25 hour game Marathon. 
Painting 28mm this time around is a much better experience maybe its the limited number or maybe the sculpts are better then the Perry and Vitrix Plastics I used for my Napoleonic troops but these have painted up fast and easy. 
I varied the color of the neck cloths the issue ones were either back or white but often had to be replaced from local supplies and it gives a tiny bit of individuality to other wise uniform figures.
Just some highlighting left and these boys are ready to go.