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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blood Bowl

My Forward pass is successful but I was then hit and fumbled
Tried Blood Bowl last night with Robin.  The game was quick and simple we both played with proxies so my Texas Brigade saw action for the first time as a football team. (how weird is that).  The first half had me playing "D-Fence."  The battle in the "trenches" left both of us down a lineman but Robin got a hole and made a good drive toward my goal line but I blitzed his catcher out of bounds and knocked him out and was able to play defense and end the half with no point scored.

Next half on offense I managed a slick forward pass shown above only to see my catcher fumble and Robin making good progress down the other side of the field when he recovered the ball.  Things were looking bad for a moment but I knocked out another of his linemen and a thrower. And had several men lined up to get the thrower with the ball.

Robin decided to throw to a catcher that was some what less exposed but the man failed to catch and recovered making a long bass down field to the original catcher who then walked into the end-zone.  So I won my first game 1-0.

The game played fairly quick and the rules were fairly simple I don't know if I will be a regular but its a good game to have for a night when the rest of the historical players are unable to make it.