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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colors and Officers

As you may have noticed I have posted some of my regiments without colors and officers this was because I have been waiting on them to show up at my local hobby store... they still have not but I did get some through Noble night (I will still be honoring my order at the store because I still have a need for those officers).
3rd Arkansas command stand.  The flag is from the set I ordered from Cotton Jim's.

18th Alabama command stand an alter ego for the "Hampton Legion" infantry
I am not sure this is an accurate flag but I got it off www.warflag.com and I really liked the two sided colors.

A couple of generic Confederate command stands to lead small replacement regiments
The Flags are form Cotton Jim's

Hampton legion "dismounted cavalry" the flag belongs to the Beaufort district troops sometimes called "Beaufort Dragoons"
This is one of those flags that caused friendly fire incidents in the early war. This is also a Cotton Jim Flag.